Matildas v Chile in Penrith Nov 2018

Matildas Australia football soccer

A huge trip out to the Westfield Matildas vs Chile in Penrith on Saturday, a 3-2 loss for Australia. There were over 15k people there, almost a full house, and I assume there were heaps of newish football fans - many parents of young players. This was my first Australia game taking the 6-year-old so that was a big thing for us!

Matildas football soccer  Matildas Chile football soccer

A disappointing loss where we should have buried it before half time. Things we should learn from this event: The Chilean fans showed us that you can actually make noise at a football match and no one gets hurt; never underestimate a team with a determination to win; people actually really do care about women's sport; Penrith Maccas actually has three kinds of Fillet 'o' Fish!

Chile football soccer

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