West Sydney Cup derby, in Campbelltown.

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I headed up the highway again to take in some FFA Cup magic as Sydney United 58 FC hosted Western Sydney Wanderers FC in Campbelltown. Was not disappointed, although I was hoping for a closer contest. It ended up a very comfortable win for the Wanderers but that doesn't reflect the passion on display.

Sydney United football soccer  Wanderers Sydney football soccer

I reckon it was about 50:50 in supporter terms, heaps of families as well as two of the stronger active support groups in the country. Lots of noise from both SUS and RBB at either end of the stands and it lasted all game no matter what the score. Still impressed by the size of the support for SU58.

Sydney football soccer  Sydney football soccer

I'm sure the SU58 faithful were disappointed not to host at Edensor Park but on my first visit to Campbelltown Stadium I thought it was pretty good, all the trapping of a bigger stadium but in a practical size, the staff seemed good, food was standard stadium stuff (no cervapi) but there was plenty of it. I bought my ticket at the gate because I like to collect the paper ones, but unfortunately these were still electronic sent to your phone ones and the paper version was just an admit one - that's the future I guess. 
Onto the quarter finals! 

Wanderers football soccer Sydney  Sydney United football soccer

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