Wollongong 2007 - Berkeley vs Uni of Wollongong - A GF classic

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Flashing back to a brilliant football memory from 2007 - the Wollongong District League GF between Berkeley Sports Football Club and Uni of Wollongong. 

Our end-of-season trip was to Wollongong (hey it's better than you think!) and we looked up any local match we could go along to. This was the match we found so we trekked to a ground as brilliant as it's name, Balls Paddock.

Balls Paddock Wollongong

We didn't know which team to support but when we saw the Berkeley blokes with green helmets and an inflatable mascot we thought, "These are our people."
It had everything, drinking, goals, a marching band, a streaker, the local police, singing, and a 3-2 victory to our adopted team.
We learned a great new song, "You beauty you beauty you beauty" and many new friends who we never saw again because we didn't actually even know where Berkeley is and this was pre-Facebook.
Such good times. Football lives in the suburbs!

Berkeley Sports Club

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